ESG Holiday Camps - Building Leadership in Children 

We integrate the Leader in Me process in all our children's holiday camps. This is a phenomenal process for developing personal leadership and life skills for children. It is based on the most impactful leadership book written by Stephen Covey named The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. 

Our sports camps will be delivered to their normal high standards, however be enhanced even further by the added value of the 7 Habits framework to help your children develop personal leadership.  

Here is a link ( ) for you to watch a quick video about the Leader in Me. Our education division (United Education Group) work with many schools through the UK, implementing the Leader in Me with outstanding results.

 Per our camp motto We don't just provide care, or sports coaching - we go the extra mile and provide 'Life Skills Through Sport' at our camps."

Each day one of these personal leadership habits will be introduced and then whilst the children are doing their different sports and activities during the day the team will be reinforcing the habit when they see the opportunity.



This is the habit of Personal Responsibility.

We are responsible for our own lives. Our behavior is a function of our own conscious choice based on principles rather than feelings. We have the initiative and the responsibility to make things happen. 

Key Points:

* You are proactive when you pause and allow yourself the freedom to choose your response based on principles and desired results.

 * You are reactive when you allow outside influences (moods, feelings and circumstances) to control your response.



This is the habit of Personal Vision.

Start every journey with clearly defined outcomes; this way you can determine your own life’s purpose.

Key Points:

 * Define the outcomes before you act. 



This is the habit of Personal Management.

It’s the ability to organize our time around the most important things.

 Key points:


* Based on the principles of focus, integrity, discipline and prioritization.

* Focus on your highest priorities

* Recognize Important VS Urgent activities:






Activities that represent your mission, roles, values, and high priorities.



Activities that require immediate attention


* You are less effective when you focus all your time on things which are Urgent or Unimportant



This is the habit of Mutual Benefit.   

There is plenty out there for everyone, and more to spare. One’s person success is not achieved at the expense of others.

 Key Points:

Have an abundance mentality: when we have an Abundance mentality, we are not threatened by others’ success because we are secure in our own self-worth, which comes from achieving the Private Victory, we know that there is more than enough ‘pie’ for everyone.

Balance courage and consideration: We speak our thoughts respectfully and we are considerate towards others. We are willing to seek out and listen to others’ thoughts and feelings with respect.

Consider other people’s wins as well as your own: We take time to identify our wins as well as others’ wins.

Create win-win agreements: When two or more parties commit to work to benefit each other as well as themselves. Expect to either win or lose.



This is the habit of Emphatic Communication.

It’s about trying to completely understand another person before presenting our own point of view. It means balancing courage and consideration and expressing our views with clarity and respect.

Key Points:


Practice emphatic listening: listening with empathy means getting to the heart of what matters to the other person, whether we agree or not. When listening empathically, we listen with the intent to understand.


Respectfully seek to be understood: Once we are confident others feel understood, we can share our own point of view with respect and clarity.




This is the habit of Creative Cooperation. 

Synergy is the manifestation of all the other habits working together. It means collaborating to create 3rd alternatives rather than setting for compromise. When we synergize, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts – one plus one equals three or more.

e.g. ‘Let’s come up with something that’s better than what either of us has in mind’

Key Points:


Value differences: This is the foundation of creating synergy. We are effective when we value and embrace the differences of others rather than rejecting or merely tolerating them. Other’s differences are strengths rather than weaknesses.


* Seek 3rd alternatives: When we are effective we strive to create 3rd alternatives. More than ‘my way’ or ‘your way’ a 3rd alternative is a higher, better way.




This is the habit of Daily Self-Renewal. It gives us the capacity to live the other habits.

This habit that focuses on the greatest asset that we have: ourselves. It’s about regularly renewing the four dimensions of our nature: body, mind, heart and spirit.

Key Points:


Achieve the daily private victory: Time spent each day renewing body, mind, heart and spirit is the key to developing all the 7 habits. Winning daily private victories give us the capacity to win the more difficult challenges played out in the public arenas of our lives.


We hope that you see what a positive difference these habits can have and the value of them being added to our camps, without it taking away the main reason for being at the camp, which is playing sport and other activities!


“"Change yourself and your fortune will change"“ - Portuguese Proverb

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