7 Habits of Highly Effective Teenagers Course - 1st & 2nd September

Dear Parents

Last week we delivered our first 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teenagers course. The course was over subscribed and was a great success. Below are quotes from teenagers who attended.

We have our final teens course for the summer on the 1st and 2nd of September at Esher High School. If you want to set your teenager up for successful year at school and home, the time to book is now as there are only a few places remaining.

This is your last chance to bring a friend for free on the course, that only 179.00 pounds for two teenagers.

To book go to www.campengland.co.uk, click on Our Camps, from activity choose the 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teenagers course and click search.


Kind regards

Clinton Lamprecht


United Education Group and England Sports Group

Here are what teenagers are saying about last weeks course:

I liked the habit of choice. The course was really good. It helped me change my attitude towards school, parents, work, and lots of other stuff. Oliver Wilkins, 15 year’s old

For me the biggest aspect that I felt applied to my life was the emphatic listening. It was extremely valuable and useful. I think that the course was good at provoking deeper thoughts and good at encouraging us to look at ourselves and focus on us. This isn’t really done, or encouraged much at school, or in other places. Making the experience very unique. Hannah Back, 15 year’s old

It helped me not only to learn more about myself, but it also taught me skills that are really useful for being able to lead a more effective and productive life. Dani Pautz, 14 year’s old

This course has been really fun and it taught me that it is better to be proactive than reactive. I liked the fact that you had to start with yourself and I learned that when someone is mean to me I should not be a fizzy Coke bottle. It also made me feel more confident to speak to other people and you don’t just write – there are a lot of fun activities. I would really advise more teenagers to do this course. Freya Lamprecht, 12 year’s old

This course boosted my confidence. I learnt how to deal with situations differently and meeting and working with lots of other people really helped. Cameron Smith, 15 year’s old

My favourite habit was habit 5 – Seek First to Understand, then be Understood. I loved doing this course, not only was it educating, but I had a lot of fun. The course leaders were amazing and so inspiring. I would definitely encourage others to go. Nicki, 12 year’s old

I think all teenagers should come on this course because you learn great life skills and how to deal with problems in life that you don’t learn in school. Verity Tyler-low, 14 year’s old

I did not want to go to this course and I hate to say it, but this course really helped me, I look at things differently. The 7 habits have helped me understand that it’s okay to be open with my thoughts, and to talk freely to people. Making friends and talking to people less awkward by using emphatic listening, and showing more interest in others. Elliot Lamprecht, 16 year’s old

I really liked habit 5 because we leant how to talk to people and not to make it about myself. It was a really fun experience and I would really encourage others to do it. All the course leaders are so nice and you learn so much. Evelyn Bateman, 12 year’s old

The 7 habits course taught me how to improve the ways I communicate with others. It gave me a better understanding of how I should respond to people in the best way possible, without being rude, or hurting their feelings. Jemima, 16 year’s old

I loved meeting lots of new people and the emphatic listening exercises. I also enjoyed reactive versus proactive: it helped me with the ways I need to communicate with people and to form relationships that are healthy so that I can be happy. I feel I gained real life skills from the activities. Abeke, 16 year’s old

I liked the reflection time and emphatic listening. It was also good to meet new people and learn with them how to become a happier and more ‘EFFECTIVE’ teenage; simple habits to understand and useful to apply. Ellie Hamill, 15 year’s old

I learned to be proactive and less reactive, how to build win-win agreements and listen properly. I would recommend this course because I learned skills that have made me a better person and feel that these skills will stick with me lifelong. Overall, lots fun and interactive, helped build my confidence and co-operation skills. Sarah Pedder, 14 year’s old

You must take this course because it teaches you all about self-confidence and how to see yourself and the world in a much more effective way. Ra-Maar Dronca, 15 year’s old

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