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As an experienced UK Racket Stringing Association (UKRSA) approved stringer I only use the best materials when stringing.

The most important string is the main (up and down) string as this provides spin and feel. For this I use the highest quality string that suits your budget and usually combine it with an excellent synthetic gut cross string. The cross string takes less of the impact so using synthetic gut helps cut your cost without reducing quality.

I offer a two-day service as standard and offer an overnight service too.

Please get in touch to talk about the right string combination for you.

New strings give you extra power, control and spin. Give me a call and your freshly strung racket will be ready for collection in just two days guaranteed.

Luxillon ALU Power - £23
The most popular string on the pro tour. This top of the line string offers fantastic durability and power with an even balance of power to spin ratio.

Luxillon ALU - £20
Power (Mains)/ Prince Synthetic Gut Duraflex (Crosses)
Big spin and big power will come from the ALU Power and the Duraflex will provide the feel. Also, as the name suggests, extremely durable. A hybridof strings is ideal for all club players.

Prince Synthetic Gut Duraflex - £15
This nylon string is extremely durable and offers excellent control.
Perfect for beginners.

Luxillon ALU Power (Mains)/ Wilson Sensation Multifilament (Crosses) - £20
The power and spin of the ALU power combined with the soft multifilament Wilson Sensation brings a balance between power and feel. The best combination in a racket - fantastic feel with that added power.

Wilson Sensation - £18
For the players that wish to feel every hair of the ball brush the strings. Perfect for playability. Feels like natural gut yet offers more durability.

Stringing only - £10
For those who provide their own strings.




Tony Kerr

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