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Creating Leaders at all levels in Education

We provide a whole school approach to leadership

We partner with schools, local authorities and higher education institutions to; build resilience and leadership at all levels; create a high-trust culture; improve wellbeing and academic achievement.



Create a culture where the paradigm of leadership is focused on the individual, thereby developing self-regulation in students and a culture that positively impacts staff and student wellbeing.

Higher Education

Increase leadership capability and create a high trust culture. We offer professional development and coaching supported by a suite of virtual on demand tools and materials designed specifically with your community in mind. 

Local Authorities

Create a community where every stakeholder - educators, parents, students and their broader network- is equipped with powerful self-leadership skills.


In today's fast-paced world, maintaining healthy relationships within the family unit can be challenging. Our programme provides a supportive framework to enhance communication, foster understanding, and promote cohesion among family members.

What is Leader in Me?

Through Leader in Me students learn the fundamental skills of self-leadership, including emotional regulation and decision-making

Karen Doherty, Education Officer, Fife Council

Leader in Me provides a mindset and the necessary tools that empower staff and pupils to take charge of their own mental health, nurture character, strengthen resilience and enable independence so every pupil is a leader.


Leader in Me exclusively incorporates Franklin Covey’s award-winning leadership training The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.

Our Story

Our mission is to inspire greatness in every child by giving them the tools and skills to lead their own happy and successful lives.

ESG Education (previously The Thriving Life Company) is the licensed partner of FranklinCovey Education in the United Kingdom and Ireland. We believe that education has a great role to play in creating sustainable change and to encourage learners to see learning as a lifelong journey.


Our trainers are licensed to deliver Franklin Covey courses and have extensive experience within the education sector and are certified to deliver FranklinCovey’s training. Following the delivery of training, we provide licenses that enable you to have unlimited access to FranklinCovey world-class content.

Partners & Awards

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