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Diversity & Inclusion Policy

England Sports Group seeks to eradicate unjustified

discrimination on irrelevant grounds and promote

human rights and social justice.

When we talk about equality, we mean treating people

fairly, impartially and without bias. We mean creating conditions

in the workplace and wider society which encourage and value diversity, promote dignity and inclusion and a culturally sensitive approach.

Equality doesn’t mean treating everyone the same. Rather it means treating people equitably. This involves acknowledging and trying to redress imbalances through a differentiated approach, where necessary and appropriate.


It takes account of the fact that people, whilst similar in many ways, are also different. Such differences include gender, age, race / ethnicity, sexual orientation, disability, religion and belief, education, economic status, personality, communication style and approaches to how people think and work, amongst other things. These differences can significantly impact access to equality.

Understanding, valuing and effectively managing diversity can result in greater participation with benefits at an individual, team, organisational and wider societal level. This significantly contributes to the aspiration of inclusion.


Inclusion is an active process that aims to create conditions for all people to fully contribute to our work. It is about making people feel welcome and accepted, especially those that are socially excluded, marginalised or under-represented. It is about encouraging participation so that everyone feels valued, respected and involved thereby fostering a sense of belonging.


We have signed up to The Race at Work Charter to show our commitment as a company.  You can read more about what this means

For more information, please get in touch with our HR and Recruitment Manager at

Updated 16th June 2022


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