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Empowering disadvantaged children and families to become change agents

Be The Change

We help educators empower children and families to overcome poverty.

Is childhood poverty costing your Local Authority?

Are children from deprived areas suffering because of low educational outcomes?

Are these children likely to under achieve in adult life because of limited employment skills?


Are your schools equipped to help these children to be change agents?

Are parents in your community being trained for self-leadership to break the cycle of deprivation?

Could even better leadership in schools and homes lead to improved outcomes for families?

Work with us to transform the lives of children and their families in disadvantaged communities.


Better leadership means effective leadership of schools, better teaching in the classroom and better parenting at home.


Changing the mindset of vulnerable children through leadership skills, so they are no longer victims of their childhood but become empowered change agents in their own lives.


Focus on what’s most meaningful. Change the life outcomes of disadvantaged children, whilst saving your Local Authority money by implementing effective systems across multiple schools.

We Understand

We understand the generational impact of childhood poverty, particularly in vulnerable areas where limited education, poor job prospects, and family impoverishment become
cyclical challenges.

Local Authorities also grapple with the difficulties of assisting families in overcoming these pervasive issues. Our commitment lies in addressing the systemic challenges of childhood poverty, working towards breaking the cycle and creating opportunities for a brighter future.

years helping educators transform the lives of children in deprived areas.

7000+ schools in more 50 countries are implementing the Leader in Me.

FranklinCovey is one of the most trusted leadership companies in the world, it was selected for the Training Industry’s 2023 Top 20 Leadership Training Companies list for 12th time.

CASEL has accredited the Leader in Me as an evidenced-based process for teaching social and emotional educational skills which are critical to employability.

Leader In Me Schools Get Real Results

Listen to Fairisle primary school talk about the positive impact the Leader in Me programme has had in their school

Fair Isle Primary School has experienced a significant transformation through the implementation of the Leader in Me program, which has created a culture of growth and empowerment among both teachers and students.

96% Positive impact in Developing Leadership skills

Leadership icon_edited_edited.png

91% Pupil Discipline Referrals Rate Reduction

34% Increase in Positive Social Emotional Behaviours

88% Secondary School pass rate

"Leader in Me is a whole school approach that has a positive impact on children’s wellbeing, their achievements and life aspirations. "

Rae Walker – Headteacher, Scotland

How To Get Started

Empower your Local Authority with Leader in Me! This program offers a mindset and tools to foster mental health empowerment among staff and students.


Meet Us

Schedule a meeting, or attend one of our Local Authority Leader in Me workshops near you.


Visit a School

Arrange to visit a Leader in Me school, and see first-hand how the lives of children and families in disadvantaged areas are being transformed.


Create a plan

Together we create an implementation plan for your Local Authority to accomplish your goals and get the results you want. We guide you and empower your team to make it happen.

Levelling Up Your Schools and Community with Life Readiness Leadership

Empowering Educators and Changing Perspectives

The Leader in Me offers an evidence-based process that transforms the mindset of educators, particularly in high deprivation communities. By providing tools and resources, it enables teachers and headteachers to view disadvantaged children through a lens of capability and resilience, rather than seeing them solely as struggling with a challenging start in life. This paradigm shift empowers educators to treat these children differently, fostering a positive impact on the children's responses and, ultimately, their life outcomes.

Tools for Teachers, Parents, and Students

Headteachers, teachers, and parents are equipped with the tools and resources to instill effective mindsets and skillsets in vulnerable children. The 7 Habits serve as a catalyst for empowering children to become agents of change in their lives. The Leader in Me model facilitates a culture of empowerment and release within schools, where teachers cascade this approach to their pupils, fostering a culture of self-leadership.

Local Authority Empowerment and Certification

Leader in Me empowers Local Authorities by certifying staff to implement transformative changes. Family support workers, trained in the 7 Habits of Highly Effective Families, empower vulnerable parents to take responsibility for their lives, seek education, and pursue employment. Teen workers, similarly certified, assist excluded adolescents in taking steps toward self-development and returning to education.

Educational Experience & Community Impact

Teachers, through training and coaching, model and teach the 7 Habits to pupils, embedding these principles within schools' traditions, systems, and culture. Goal setting, data tracking, and personal accountability systems empower pupils to measure their own progress. The Leader in Me creates a holistic educational experience, fostering a common language and inclusive culture within schools and the broader community.

Local Authority Guidance for Breakthrough Outcomes

Local Authorities receive comprehensive support, ensuring success and achieving desired educational outcomes on a larger scale. This approach not only results in significant cost savings for Local Authorities overseeing multiple schools but also has a meaningful impact. By empowering vulnerable children to become proactive change agents, the program breaks the cycle of deprivation, positively influencing not only their life outcomes but also those of the next generation, thereby creating a lasting impact on the community.


How To Leverage The Programme

Leader in Me provides a mindset and the necessary tools that empower staff and pupils to take charge of their own mental health, nurture character, strengthen resilience and enable independence so every pupil is a leader.

Partners & Awards

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